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1. WAS  Worked All States  (SAMPLE)
Remember that the WAS Application is used for a variety of possible awards;
YL, Mobile, State Capitals, Picture Postcard, and the Extra Class Callsign Award.
2. YL-25  Worked 25 YL's  (SAMPLE)
3. M-25  Worked 25 Mobiles  (SAMPLE)
4. SCA  Worked State Capitals  (SAMPLE)
5. DX-50  Worked 50 DX Countries  (SAMPLE)
6. WPX-100  Worked 100 DX Prefixes  (SAMPLE)
7. WASA  Worked All South America  (SAMPLE)
8. WACA  Worked All Central America  (SAMPLE)
9. TCA  Worked Trans CAN-AM  (SAMPLE)
10. ASC  Alphabet Soup Certificate  (SAMPLE)
11. 50 - 50  Worked 50 WAS Holders  (SAMPLE)
12. PPC  Picture Postcard Award  (SAMPLE)
13. 1x2x1  Extra Class Callsign Award  (SAMPLE)
14. CIA-15  Worked 15 Caribbean DXCC Islands  (SAMPLE)
15. PIA-15  Worked 15 Pacific DXCC Islands  (SAMPLE)
16. MA  Monroe Award  (SAMPLE)
17. APA  Worked All Australian Prefixes  (SAMPLE)
18. 5 & 10  Worked 5/10 Stations/State  (SAMPLE)
19. 73  Worked 73 ARRL/RAC(CRRL) Sections  (SAMPLE)
20. USPX  Worked US Prefixes  (SAMPLE)
21. WAC-7  Worked All 7 Continents  (SAMPLE)
22. IOTA-100  Worked 100 Islands  (SAMPLE)
23. QSO-1000  Worked 1000 Net QSO's  (SAMPLE)
24. NAME-50  Worked 50 Names  (SAMPLE)
25. QRP-10  Worked 10 QRP Stations  (SAMPLE)
26. TRUCKER-10  Worked Truckers in 10 States  (SAMPLE)
27. XYL/OM-10  Worked 10 XYL/OM Combo stations  (SAMPLE)
28. CLUB-10  Worked 10 Club Stations  (SAMPLE)

Historical Awards of Interest - Made by the hand of WB8SSR
 2nd WAS Award Issued
Old Blank Alphabet Soup Certificate
Old Blank Trans-Can-Am Certificate
Old Blank Mobile-25 Certificate
Old Ham-of-the-Month Certificate
First Ham-of-the Year Award: Issued to WB8SSR by WB6FNI
Mounted on a Walnut Plaque
Other Certificates Available/Awarded
Lifetime Membership Certificate
Ham-of-the-Month Certificate
Ham-of-the Year Certificate/Walnut Plaque
50-300 - Master Achiever Award
50-500 - Senior Net Achiever Award

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