Net Contacts

(and NCS Schedule)

Questions about the HHH Net can be directed to:

KO7V #915 -
Ron Fial - Net Co-Administrator / NCS Manager - Proctor

KJ6MS #314 -
Mark Nodine - Net Co-Administrator / Awards Manager - Webmaster

KI7KXP #975 - Tom Polhamus - NETLOGGER Inquires

Net is nightly, 0700Z start time (Early check-ins at approx. 0630) Current NCS Schedule (Days are UTC)

Sunday - Mark / KJ6MS
Monday - Mark / KJ6MS
Tuesday - Troy / KB9AZZ
Wednesday - Tom / KI7KXP
Thursday - Ron / KO7V
Friday - Glenn / KN6Z
Saturday - Bill / W5HWZ

Want to be a Net Controller? (We need you)
The stations listed are all volunteers and there is an alternate NCS list to cover vacations or other relief. Contact Ron or Mark if interested. Thanks! 

Last Updated:  August 26, 2023:  Mark A. Nodine, KJ6MS - HHH Net Co-Administrator

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